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Gulguluthithakam Kashaya Tablet

Sitaram Ayurveda

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Gulguluthithakam Kashaya Tablet

Gulguluthithakam Kashaya Tablet 50 NOS

Inflammation is the underlying cause of morbidity and disease. Ayurveda views inflammation as a pathological derangement of Kapha – Pitta doshas in the body. The offensive dosha element aided by vata vitiates the circulating blood and allied metabolic activities. With time it manifests as various inflammatory conditions of skin, joints and bones.

Guggulutiktakam is a potent herbal decoction that reaches deep into body tissue and roots out pain, swelling and metabolic waste. The natural steroid Guggulusterone aids in bringing about sustained pain relief and healing.

Features & Benefits

  • Synergy of astringent, bitter and cooling herbs and roots that balance the pitta elements in the system.
  • ‘Manjishta’ or Indian Madder is lauded for its blood purifying properties, and facilitating smooth function of the lymphatic
  • The formula has significant anti-arthritic and anti-inflammatory activity in the gut, skin, bones and joints.
  • Purifies blood and lymph in circulation. Encourages celleular metabolism and expulsion of endotoxins.
  • Digestive action of the formula breaks down ‘ama’ or disease causing complexes in the body.
  • Excellent remedy for sign and symptoms associated with deranges ‘rakta’ and ‘pitta, which manifest as chronic skin diseases.
  • Improves skin health and immunity. Encourages healing of chronic non-healing ulcers and rashes.

Dosage & Directions for Use

2-3 Tablets twice daily on empty stomach. Consume dissolved in half a glass of lukewarm water for best results.

Child: 1-2 Tablets twice daily on empty stomach. Consume dissolved in half a glass of lukewarm water for best results.

Suitable for all ages.


Despite our attempts to provide you with the most accurate information possible, the actual packaging, ingredients and colour of the product may sometimes vary. Please read the label, directions and warnings carefully before use.

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