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Jawarish Zanjabeel


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Jawarish Zanjabeel

Jawarish Zanjabeel

Hamdard Jawarish kamuni is ayurvedic medicine helps to boost the digestion power of body and give strength to stomach.Digestive problems are very common problems also known as gastro-intestinal disease. JawarishkamuniHamdardhelps to treat diarrhea and also give relief in heart burn problem. Due to indigestion vomiting and nausea problem takes place but intake of this medicine gives excellet results.

Benefits Of Hamdard Jawarish Kamuni.

  1. Stops Bleeding.
  2. Treats Bloating.
  3. Treats Constipation.
  4. Treats Diarrhea.
  5. Reduce Heartburn.
  6. Treats nausea
  7. Useful for vomiting.
  8. Relives pain in the belly.
  9. Relive pain in heart.
  10. Relives from anal pain
  11. Helpful for stool passing easily
  12. Stops excretes of gas
  13. Treats flatulence.

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