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Muthuchippi Parpam


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Muthuchippi Parpam

Muthu Chippi Parpam is a classical Siddha medicine in bhasma form.
Ingredients of Muthu Chippi Parpam:
Muthuchippi - Kaparda - Pinetada margaritifera - 100 %- It is used in the treatment of digestive impairment, malabsorption syndrome, asthma, bronchitis, fever, tuberculosis, chronic bronchial diseases, eye diseases, oligospermia etc. Processed in - Adathoda elai saaru - Vasa patra swarasa - Malabar nut - Adhatoda vasica - q.s. - One of the powerful herbs used in treating asthma, bronchitis and excess mucous condition. Nochi elai saaru - Nirgundi patra swarasa - Vitex negundo - q.s. - It is a very good muscle relaxant, pain relieving, anti mosquito, anti anxiety, anti asthma and so on, herb of Ayurveda. Nilapanai kizhangu saaru - Taalamooli swarasa - Curculigo orchioides - q.s. - It is an Ayurveda herb, used for the treatment of sperm deformity, low sperm count, skin and respiratory disorders.

Indication of Muthu Chippi Parpam:
• Moolam [piles] • Paviththiram [fistula] • Kshayam [emaciation] • Kaasam [cough/bronchitis] • Fever • Night blindness • Diarhoea • Nervous disorders • Vaandhi [emesis] etc.

Dosage & Adjuvants of Muthu Chippi Parpam: 200 - 400 mg twice daily with ghee/butter before or after food. Or as directed by the physician.

Despite our attempts to provide you with the most accurate information possible, the actual packaging, ingredients and colour of the product may sometimes vary. Please read the label, directions and warnings carefully before use.

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