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Padigara Parpam


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Padigara Parpam

Padigara parpam is a classical Siddha medicine in parpam, it is used in the treatment of genitourinary tract disorders,

Padigaram [potassium aluminum sulfate] it is useful in abdominal pain, pneumonia, low back pain,

dry cough, chronic bronchial diseases, hematemesis, menorrhagia, leucoderma, etc., 


  • Its cures Neerkattu[ retention of urine/anurea],
  • its cures Neer tharai erivu[ painful micturition],
  • its cures Neeradaippu[ urinary obstructions],
  • its cures urinary obstructions due to the over growth of tissue in sathai adaipu[ urinary passage obstructions], 
  • its cures Neertharai azharchi[ inflammations of the urogential organs],
  • its cures raththa moothiram[ haematurea], 
  • its cures vettai[ gonorrhoea], 
  • its cures vaaipun[ stomatitis],
  • its cures soothaga soolai[ dysmenorrhoea],and
  • its cures perum padu [ menorrhagia], etc.,


200 to 300 mg with ghee or honey twice a day after food. can also be administered along with Aerva plant juice [sirupeelai samoola saaru], Astera cantha plant juice [ neermulli samoola saaru], or small Tribulus juice[ siru nerunjil samoola saaru].

Despite our attempts to provide you with the most accurate information possible, the actual packaging, ingredients and colour of the product may sometimes vary. Please read the label, directions and warnings carefully before use.

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