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Thanga Parpam


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Thanga Parpam

THANGA PARPAM is an Ayurvedic medicine made from pure gold. It has been used since ancient times which is used in treating a wide range of health diseases and also to enhance immunity.THANGA PARPAM improves muscle strength and helps in all diseases like muscular ;THANGA PARPAM helps to improve low ;THANGA PARPAM brings out quickly the color and beauty of the body.


  • THANGA PARPAM  is a medicine of par excellence in the Indian system of medicine.
  • It is useful for Possess miraculous curative effects.
  • It is useful for Primarily it is a kayakalpam [rejuvenator] & an excellent anmai perukki [aphrodisiac].
  • It is useful for It increases the sperm count in men in case of vindhil vuyir anukkalinmai [oligospermia].
  • Though it possess versatile therapeutic claims, the following are note-worthy & enumerated here under-
  • It is useful for Kshayam [emaciation/TB]
  • It is useful for Kaasam [cough]
  • It is useful for Kaichchal [fever]
  • It is useful for Sura kaangai [hectic fever with intense heat]
  • It is useful for Various types of diseases of vatha, pitha, kapha derangement.
  • It is useful for Oodhal [edema/dropsy]
  • It is useful for Paandu [anemia]
  • It is useful for Narambu thalarchi [nervous debility]
  • It is useful for Naatpattapun [chronic ulcers]
  • It is useful for Thasai pidippu [muscle cramp]
  • It is useful for Mega noigal etc.
  • It is useful for Neurological disorders of the children.
  • It is an excellent immunomodulator.


25 - 50 mg twice a day with milk, butter, milk, ghee, honey, and amukkura chooranum [ a prepared medicine] after food.


Avoid salts, tamarind, sour diet, alcohol, pagal [bitter gourd], agathi[ sasban], non-veg foods, and tobacco

Despite our attempts to provide you with the most accurate information possible, the actual packaging, ingredients and colour of the product may sometimes vary. Please read the label, directions and warnings carefully before use.

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