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Immuwin Tab

Bal Vedics

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Immuwin Tab

Immuwin Tab 4 x 25' S

Immuwin Tablet is a proprietary Ayurvedic medicine manufactured by BAL Pharma Ltd. It is the natural immune building supplement, hepato-protective and immuno-modulator.

An individual’s immunity tends to get compromised with day-to-day physical and psychological stress. It is generally believed that biological organisms require a certain amount of stress in order to maintain their well-being. When stress occurs in quantities that the system can’t handle, it produces pathological changes. The immuno-compromised person becomes prone to slightest of microbial assault and his condition further deteriorates.

Immuwin provides strength and rejuvenation to the normal as well as deranged system. In addition, its detoxification action helps in preventing and curing various skin ailments.

Mode of action of Immuwin Tablet:
Anti-microbial- checks primary infections and reduces chances of secondary infections.
Enhances CD4 T-lymphocyte counts, promotes immunity.
Nullifies anti-retroviral drug induced adverse effects.
Reduces morbidity and mortality.
Anti-retroviral, anti-mycotic & anti-mycobacterial.
Anti-allergic, anti-oxidant and anti-tumor.
Hepato-protective and immuno-modulator.

Ingredients of Immuwin Tablet:
Each tablet contains extracts of –
Vasa – Malabar nut – Adathoda vasica – 0.15 g – It has anti-microbial, anti-tussive, anti-inflammatory and bronchodilatory properties.
Devadaru – Himalayan cidar – Cedrus deodara – 0.15 g – It has anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.
Parisha – Indian Tulip tree – Thespesia populnea – 0.15 g
Bilva – Bael – Aegle marmelos – 0.15 g
Ela – Cardamom – Elettaria cardamomum – 0.15 g – It has anti-oxidant and anti-microbial activities.
Shyonaka – Oroxylum indicum – 0.15 g – It has anti-microbial and immuno-modulatory properties.
Ardraka – Ginger – Zingiber officinale – 0.15 g – It influences both cell-mediated immune response and non-specific proliferation of T-lymphocytes and may exert beneficial effects in a number of clinical conditions such as chronic inflammation and auto-immune disease. 
Jaya – Premna herbacea – 0.15 g
Atimadhura – Licorice – Glcyrrhiza glabra – 0.15 g – Glycyrrhic acid and its derivatives in Yastimadhu effectively inhibit HIV-1 reproduction. 
Pippali – Long pepper – Piper longum – 0.15 g – It has immuno-modulatory and anti-giardial effect. 
Bruhati – Solanum indicum – 0.15 g – It has anti-oxidant and anti-dermatophytic activities.
Kandasari – Sugar – 0.0875 g

Indication of Immuwin Tablet:
Immuno-suppressed & immuno-compromised state.
Cancer treatment 
Bacterial, viral and fungal infections
Acute & chronic skin conditions
Recurrent infections & inflammations
Patients on ART



Despite our attempts to provide you with the most accurate information possible, the actual packaging, ingredients and colour of the product may sometimes vary. Please read the label, directions and warnings carefully before use.

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